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We are Denver Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Denver, Co. We proudly offer fast service to all of our clients. In most cases, we are able to schedule appointments the next day at the latest, with many appointments on the same day. Time can make all the difference when it comes to wildlife control as the more time the critters have, the more damage they are able to cause. Whether you need our assistance at a commercial or residential property, we are here to help. No job is too small or too big for us thanks to our training, tools, and experience. In many cases, we are even able to remove the animals from your property without having to rely on traps that can hurt the critters. We frequently use exclusion devices to get animals out of your home or business and prevent them from getting back inside. No matter the time of day you notice wildlife on your property, feel free to give us a call. Our informative staff is always polite and will answer the phone 24/7 so you do not have to deal with the animal invader any longer than necessary. Since our company is fully licensed and insured with commercial liability insurance, your property is always protected. Call us now at 720-445-7933 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Denver Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Interesting Facts about the Territory of the Denver Rat

Rats can be found in various parts of the world. They have decided to establish their den close to the humans and treat this as their natural habitat. They will live in the subways, sewers, garbage dump, in the city, and on farms. It is a known fact that climate will play a crucial factor in determining the place where they will thrive. Nonetheless, they will still choose to live close to humans. The limited presence of predator and the accessible food allows them to survive without any worries.

An Overview of the Rat’s Territory
Both domestic and the wild Denver rats will require a diverse living condition. In case you plan to add a domesticated rat as a new member of the family or you are experiencing a rat infestation, you need to know the scope of their territory.

Territory of the Domestic Rats
When you want to take care of domestic rats, you will require a roomy cage. Based on the recommendation of the experts, one Denver rat will need a cage that is not less than 2cu.feet. In case you are able to provide them more space, then this will be better. This is most especially true since your rat will still require a lot of room to exercise. Exercise is encouraged to the Denver adult rats because this will prevent obesity. Rats in captivity will only have 2-3 years lifespan. You want to spend the longest time possible with them. Placing the rats in an overcrowded situation can also lead to the easy transmission of the disease. It can possibly cause respiratory infections.

Territory of the Wild Rats
The wild rats will mark their territory the same way that any animals will mark theirs. The rats have pheromones that they will use to uniquely mark their territory. Usually, this type of behavior will be displayed by the male rats. Some people believe that there are others that will use their feces to mark their territory. Nonetheless, using urine is more common when it comes to the rodents. The female rats on the other hand will use their urine not only to mark the territory but also to let others know about their presence. The urine scent is a part of the mating process that enables the rats to find their perfect partner. It is also an essential part of declaring the territory of another rat. There are times that the rats will conduct an exaggerated form of territory marking. If you have pets like this and the scent of the urine is too strong, there may be a possibility that they will need to be neutered. This will help you reduce their marking behavior dramatically. This will also help in controlling the strong stench of their urine. In terms of searching for their food and nesting materials, the rats will only cover a tiny area. They will not go more than 50 feet away from the location of their den. This enables you to find their den easily.