Denver Armadillo Extermination Tips

Dealing with wildlife invasion can be quite troublesome. Catching them can be difficult and most of us do not know what to do once we capture them. Nonetheless, you should not immediately set-up a lethal trap that can kill the poor creature. Most of the time, the humane method will work effectively.

Lethal and Non-Lethal Method to Get Rid of Armadillos
Apart from their digging on our landscape, armadillos do not necessarily possess a substantial amount of dangers to homeowners. Killing them due to their excessive digging may not be justified especially since there are non-lethal methods that you can use to thwart the damages that they can do.

Lethal Methods
Some people will immediately kill the Denver armadillo once they capture it. You need to remember that there are existing laws that protects the wildlife creature and you can incur a hefty amount of fine if killing them is illegal in your state. There are several lethal methods to choose from. • Asphyxiation- Some people choose the asphyxiation method believing that this is a less evil method than poisoning. They will just need to place the armadillo in a completely sealed container. They will then connect a source of carbon monoxide to the container that will bring the poor creature to its instant death. • Lethal Injection- Exterminators will use lethal injections when killing wildlife creatures. However, only the licensed medical practitioner can administer this. Exterminators will need to employ the service of a licensed veterinarian to give lethal injection to these creatures. • Poison-remember that there are no commercialized fumigants or toxicants designed for armadillo. This is due to the fact that killing them is prohibited in some states. They are a vital part of the ecosystem especially in terms of controlling the population of the insects.

Non-Lethal Method
Decreasing the number of insects in your property can make our yard less desirable for Denver armadillos. Installing a slanted barrier on the other hand can be effective only during certain conditions. For a more effective approach on getting rid of armadillos, we decided to list some of the non-lethal methods. • Trapping-Using live traps can help you get rid of them with only a minimum amount of risks. This is a lot safer than using carbon monoxide or poison. It is also a cheaper alternative. You simply have to place the trap near their burrows and put excellent bait inside the trap. After successfully trapping them, you need to relocate them. If you find this process too bothersome, you can seek the help of the experts and let them handle the responsibility of relocating them. • Repellent- Repellent has a low efficacy rate. Most of the time it will not produce the result that you are looking for. Furthermore, some repellents such as ammonia and mothball contain active ingredients that can irritate your mucous membrane. The easiest way to deal with your Denver armadillo problem is to hire the assistance of the professionals. Make sure that they have the experience and knowledge to deal with different types of wildlife infestation.

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